Hang on, Doggy!
Jane Kavčič
Slovenia (Yugoslavia)


Matjaž Gruden, Vesna Jevnikar, Ivo Ban, Nino de Gleria, Andrej Djordjevič, Brane Grubar, Vladimir Jurc, Manca Košir, Lidija Kozlovič, Mija Mencej, Alojz Milič, Sandi Pavlin, Miro Podjed, Stane Potisk, Polona Rajšter, Pavle Rakovec, Zlata Rodošek, Nataša Rojc, Zvone Šedlbauer, Mitja Tavčar, Oliver Telban, Biba Uršič, Aleš Valič, Boštjan Vrhovec, Nina Zidanič in Jure Žargi

Hang on, Doggy! is one of the most popular children’s and young adult films in Slovenia. Based on the novel Teci, teci, kuža moj (‘Run, my doggy, run!’) by Vitan Mal, this comedy is full of good-hearted heroes and witty twists with Jakob, a ginormous Newfoundland who just doesn’t seem to fit into the cramped, asphalt urban jungle of Ljubljana.

“For those of us who remember that time, it is impossible to watch Hang on, Doggy! without nostalgia. It reminds us how we lived and outlived socialism. We wore washed-out bell-bottomed jeans, bought milk in bags, smoked indoors in front of police officers (even the children smoke a peace pipe!), and watched Pink Panther cartoons and ate Wiener schnitzel as big as our plates before going to bed.”
– Valentina Plahuta Simič (Delo)

A digitally restored edition of the film will be screened.

Slovenian Film Archives of Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, the Slovenian Film Center, Slovenska Kinoteka and Iridium Film collaborated on this digital restoration.


Saturday, 19. 6. 2021


The Angelca Hlebce Summer Theatre (City Market Kranj)