Janez Burger
Slovenija, Severna Makedonija, Italija, Hrvaška


Benjamin Krnetić, Diana Kolenc, Jan Cvitkovič, Jure Henigman, Nataša Keser, Timon Šturbej, Vladimir Vlaškalić
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The more the young rescuer tries to discover why she is receiving mysterious recordings of a brutal crime she witnessed live on Facebook, the more she realizes that she herself was involved in it.

Lara, a paramedic intern, helps bring a young man named Kristijan to hospital after he was brutally beaten, and his beating live-streamed on Facebook. The video was watched by 20,000 people, none of whom called the police. Although Kristijan is in a coma, Lara starts receiving video clips from his FB profile, showing unidentified persons watching him getting beaten. She reports this to the police, but the video clips nevertheless develop into her worst nightmare.


FSF 2023

Vesna for Best Leading Actress (Female) – Diana Kolenc

Diana Kolenc, as Lara in the film “Opazovanje,” creates a distinctly refined role. Her expression is internalized, discreet, simple, and focused. With minimal reactions, she manages to convey a wide range of meanings. Even when she is not in the foreground, her body language is present, and one could say she inhabits the film. Her interpretation blends seamlessly with the style and genre.

Vesna for Best Production Design – Špela Jelovčan, Vasja Kokelj

The production design in “Opazovanje” aesthetically complements and supports the film’s genre. Elements such as stains on the carpet, piles of garbage, old furniture, empty spaces, a mousetrap, etc., narrate and simultaneously contextualize the broader story of the outside world. The effectively chosen cold color palette creates a contrast with the red uniforms of the rescuers.

Vesna for Best Sound – Julij Zornik

The sound in “Opazovanje” often acts as a trigger for the action. In the absence of music, it becomes an important directorial tool. The expressive soundscape, built from numerous sound elements such as medical apparatus, sirens, phones, children’s cries, etc., creates an authentic atmosphere and evokes an omnipresent sense of discomfort.


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