Festival Krafft je v polnem teku.Festival Krafft is in full swing. On Tuesday, June 14th , at 9 pm, the first clapperboard clapped – the opening ceremony saw the Screen Actors Guild give out guild awardsto actors, dancers and film workers. The star of the night was Ita Rina Life Achievement award winner – actor Silva Čušin. Director and curator Varja Močnik hosted a talk with Silva Čušin at Layer House, and two of her short films were screened at the opening ceremony at Summer Theatre Khislstein: Film Profession – Actor (Peter Bizjak, 2020) and Little Fish (Maja Križnik, 2015).

Until Sunday, June 19th, there is an abundance of film events to choose from.

In the next four days, the cultural venues of Kranj Old Town will see ten (10) feature films, three (3) panels, four (4) masterclasses, four (4) workshops (one open to the general public, three open to participants of the ReActing as a Star programme), an evening of dance films and an evening of student films.

There will also be two social events! The first one, Welcome!, will take place on June 16th at 7 pm in Layer House, organized by the Screen Actors Guild as a welcome to fellow actors participating in the ReActing as a Star programme. The programme, organized in collaboration with the Slovenian Film Centre, will be launched right here, at the second edition of Krafft. The other social event, Beer with industry, will take place on Saturday, June 18th.

Film programme

In the competition programme, you can still catch Hit the Road(Panah Panahi, 2021), Sweet thing(Alexandre Rockwell, 2020), Memoria (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2021), Inventory (Darko Sinko, 2021), Beautiful Beings(Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsso, 2022), The Line (Ursula Meier, 2022), Morena (Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović, 2021) and Small, Slow but Steady(Shô Miyake, 2022). The screenings of Inventory, Beautiful Beings and Morena will be followed by talks with authors, hosted by the selection team of this year’s festival (Veronika Zakonjšek, Ana Šturm and Petja Labović). The films are in competition for the festival award the Golden Apple. The films are in competition for the festival award the Golden Apple. The winners will be selected by the international jury of Italian actor Valentina Carnelutti and Slovenian actors Marijana Brecelj and Sebastian Cavazza.

While afternoons are reserved for the competition programme at Prešeren Theatre Kranj, the languid summer nights are just right to spend at the Summer Theatre Khislstein at the review of awarded feature films. You can watch Petite maman (Céline Sciamma, 2021), Titane (Julia Docournau, 2021) and The Worst Person in the World (Joachim Trier, 2021).

If you are wondering how to get tickets for the Dan D concert at the closing ceremony of the festival, let us let you in on a secret. The formula is simple = three single tickets for feature films bring you a free pass for the concert!

Industry programme

The core subject of the industry programme are intimate scenes on film.


On the first day of the festival (June 15th), we tuned in at the panels #itendswithus and Missing dialogues – the absence of dance documentary film. Nika Rozman discussed sexual harassment and abuse in performing arts and audiovisual production. Meanwhile, Rosana Hribar and Rok Kunaver addressed the scarcity of Slovenian authors deciding to take up the dance documentary audiovisual medium.

The festival will host two more panels on the issue of intimate scenes in audiovisual production (Intimate scenes – the present, June 16th, Intimate scenes – the future, June 16th). 6.). The panellist of the latter will be the British director Bill Anderson, who has devised for Directors UK a collection of concrete guidelines on setting up and executing intimate scenes.

The last panel in the series (Talent agent vs casting director: who does what and why, June 18th) will shed light on the distinction between the two professions dealing with actors – talent agent and casting director. Facilitated by Timka Grin, director of the International Casting Directors Network (ICDN).


Masterclasses will take place between June 17th and 19th. Led by international experts such as casting directors Timka Grin, Yngvill Kolset Haga, the leading British coordinator of intimate scenes Ita O’Brien, and Croatian director Dalibor Matanić.

Timka Grin will show young actors best approaches to materials received for auditioning (How and why – An introduction to casting for young actors and students, June 17th).  Yngvill Kolset Haga will let us in on the secrets behind the casting process for the film The Worst Person in the World by Joachim Trier. The film won the best actress award in Cannes in 2021, and is nominated for two Oscars this year (Case Study of the Casting Process for the film The Worst Person in the World, June 18th).  Ita O’Brien is deemed a pioneer in the field of shooting intimate scenes and scenes of sexual nature and nudity in TV, film and theatre. She is revolutionising the field at production houses such as HBO and BBC. Her masterclass (Intimate scenes – guidelines) is intended for audiovisual and performing artists, as well as teachers and other stakeholders. Finally, director Matanić will talk about preventing a collective masturbation session of the film team from happening on set and turning that energy rather into making an exquisite erotic scene (Sex and trust, June 19th).


The first day of the festival saw the start of a two-day workshop, Action Dialogues – Between the camera and the body in action (June 15th and 16th). The workshop is designed as an educational research lab, where participants will get to know individual elements of film creating and their mutual relationships more minutely. On the last day of the festival, Ita O`Brien, an experienced pedagogue and intimate scenes expert, will lead the workshop Intimate scenes – concretely (June 19th). The workshop will revolve around steps to creating an intimate scene: from acting, directing, photography and beyond. The maximum number of participants is 20.

The workshops of the ReActing as a Star programme are intended only for the invited experienced actors from Slovenia and Southeastern European film region. The programme brings us three workshops, led by the renowned actors Jelena Graovac Lučev and Leon Lučev (The Actress Has Time, The Actor Has Time), casting director Nathalie Chéron(Self-Tapes for the International Market) and film director Teona Mitevska (Pushing Boundaries).