Občinstvo na zaključni prireditvi Krafft 2023, ploskanje med razglasitvijo nagrajencev

Golden Apple Awards: Cast of Leila’s Brothers win at Krafft festival

The 3rd Kranj Actors Film Festival concluded with the presentation of the Golden Apple prizes. In the competition programme, 10 films from around the world competed, judged by an expert jury consisting of internationally acclaimed casting director Nathalie Cheron, along with renowned Slovenian actors Nataša Barbara Gračner and Gregor Zorc.

The Grand Prix Golden Apple

The jury awarded the Grand Prix Golden Apple to the cast of Leila’s Brothers, stating: “In this family symphony, every actor remains thoroughly devoted to their own instrument, but also painfully aware that their sound is dependent on the chorus of the whole. The harmony of this collective is a testament to their extraordinary acting intuition, skill and sincerity. An impressive exercise in collective acting that makes the viewer truly see the forest for the trees. Wonderful!

A photo from the film Leila's Brothers. Main actress and three male actors.
The cast of Leila’s Brothers

The Golden Apple for Special Acting Achievement

The Golden Apple for Special Acting Achievement awards went to the Polish actress Dorota Pomykala for the lead role in Woman on the Roof, to the Italian actress Benedette Porcaroli for the lead role in the film Amanda, and to the Palestinian actor Saleh Bakri for the lead role in the film Blue Caftan


“It’s a story about loneliness and the pursuit of love. The love of a completely dysfunctional family, of weird boyfriends, of anonymous guys in online chatrooms or from an old school friend who lives like a Hikikomori. Amanda is a rebel, a loner, brutal, deeply moving as well as disturbing. We were impressed by the precision of Benedetta Porcaroli’s performance, and her talent to break our hearts during this poignant quest.”

Photo from the film Amanda. Leading actresss Benedetta Porcaroli dressed in a swimsuit and sunglasses.
Benedetta Porcaroli in the film Amanda

DOROTA POMYKALA (Woman on the Roof)

“Dorota Pomykala’s Mira in ‘Woman on the Roof’ is nothing short of exceptional. She employs a nuanced selection of acting techniques with a deliberately minimal approach to outline the solitary reality of a middle-aged woman suffering from depression. The actress conjures a powerful image of quiet resistance against the outdated social and familial notions present in a patriarchal environment. Full of despair and resignation, in the throes of internal conflict, she portrays an individual that engenders nothing but compassion. As we follow her through a labyrinth of unexpected events, the actress transforms into a radiant symbol for the neglected and the abandoned in this cruel world.”

Woman on the Roof 671232109 large
Dorota Pomykala in the film Woman on the Roof

SALEH BAKRI (Blue Caftan)

“Saleh Bakri weaves his role calmly, with pinpoint precision, devotion and with a surprising edge, never succumbing to the allure of effect. This unique blend of acting approaches has an almost hypnotic effect on the viewer. He wraps you in his caftan and skillfully drags you along through the story. He leaves the acting to his fingers, a thimble, a cigarette, a cup of tea, the steam in a turkish bath – his fragility betrays a formidable acting courage.”

LeBleuDuCaftan Photogramme 00134476
Saleh Bakri in the film Blue Caftan