KRAFFT opens up space for networking for local and international audio-visual creators

At the initiative of the Slovenian Film Centre, KRAFFT will this year host an industry event called ReActing as a Star. The goal of the programme is to connect actors, casting directors and agents and promote them both regionally and internationally.

The programme is set up as a networking event. Actors will be able to establish new business opportunities, as well as build on their competencies and knowledge. The event is meant for experienced actors from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosina and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia, along with actors from the wider region that is an important part of the European film world. Thanks to the collaboration with Sarajevo Film Festival, the attendance is also possible for young participants of the talent campus Alumni Sarajevo – Acting Studio 2021.

At the three-day event, renowned actors, directors and casting directors will share their professional experience as experts and leaders of thematic workshops with the participants. Participants will enjoy an intimate atmosphere of informal socializing, which will enable better acquaintance, conversations and business networking.

Marking the start of a new collaboration, the director of the Slovenian Film Centre Nataša Bučar states: “The film actor is the face of every movie. It is through them that the audience identifies with the movie and experiences its story. Slovenian film actors have way too few opportunities for creating at home, as film funding is so low. Establishing a new platform that will bring international casting agents, producers and directors to Kranj will offer new possibilities of networking, promoting and film collaborating to local actors. We wish for a wider reach for our actors and Slovenian filmic creativity. At a time, where film and TV series production is growing by leaps and bounds, and the interest for filming in Slovenia builds, it is of utmost importance to seize the opportunity for more work for our excellent actors.”

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