In June, a new story will find its stage in Kranj. The story was optimistically begun in the summer of 2020. It is a story about a city on a rock, about film, acting and golden apples. The narrative flowed smoothly for a while and the particulars almost magically came together, forming a new international film festival, dedicated entirely to the art of acting.

But – just as a thrilling drama deserves – there soon emerged a conflict in the shape of the coronavirus pandemic and related measures. Suddenly, we found ourselves in a dystopian film where we really did not wish to be. And even though we played our parts well, the reality would not be cheated. The majority of cultural events had to move to the virtual world in the late autumn, and the organization of in-person events grew similar to fortune telling.

But life is a game and just as any proper hero, we too face the classic dilemma: do we proceed into the depths of the strange forest and confront the problem or do we rather go back home? It was clear to us that any good story needs high stakes and that every crisis brings opportunities for something brand new. If anywhere, then it is in art where answers to modern challenges can be found. And if nothing else, a brand new Kranj acting film festival will emerge out of this crisis – KRAFFT.

This is the first festival focusing on the craft of acting within the audiovisual framework in the region, giving KRAFFT unique potential for international cooperation and visibility. The purpose of KRAFFT is to bring outstanding global film and TV acting achievements, talented world-renowned actors and top notch experts to Kranj, the central town of Gorenjska, to share their stories, knowledge and experience with us.

Actors are our avatars. With their aid, we enter the stories of the one thousand and one nights, play over the symphonies of emotions, step into other people’s shoes and delve deep into the unconscious. Actors are our mirror. Thes show us what we want to be and what we are most afraid of. They show us nothing more and nothing less than what we are.

With film screenings, lectures, talks, panels, workshops and social events, KRAFFT will invite both the general public and professionals to a fest of exploring and uncovering previously unknown personal, professional and social aspects of acting; of extending the limits of the known and the acceptable.

Perhaps organizing a festival in these pandemic times seems like it is borderline madness. But it is right now that we need imagination, dreams, art and film most. We need the feeling of cathartic anger, laughter and tears; a feeling that we are not alone in this mess. That is why we shall meet up, on a pleasantly warm June evening smelling of linden tree blossoms, in the streets of Kranj, in Khislstein summer garden, at the marketplace, on the terrace of Layer House. And we shall be surrounded by stars: in the skies, on the screen and with guests of the festival.

The knotted yarn of the story of KRAFFT 2021 is slowly but surely becoming untangled. Fingers crossed that on June 15 2021 you can enter our story too.

Long live KRAFFT!