And Cut! And the Golden Apples go to …

The second edition of KRAFFT has come to a close.

Between June 14th and 19th Old Town Kranj buzzed again with the vibrant festival atmosphere. This year’s festival has seen more than 30 film events: feature films, shorts, selections of dance documentaries and student films, panels, masterclasses, workshops, as well as plenty of opportunities for socializing, networking and having fun. The festival hosted local and international film experts: British director Bill Anderson, Croatian director Dalibor Matanić, Slovene director and screenwriter Barbara Zemljič, the leading British coordinator of intimate scenes Ita O`Brien, casting director Yngvill Kolset Haga, Croatian actors Jelena Graovac Lučev and Leon Lučev, and others. We have launched ReActing as a Star, a programme organized in collaboration with the Slovenian Film Centre.

The main part of the festival was dedicated to the competition programme. Nine feature films were in competition for the Golden Apple award. The outstanding acting achievements were determined by the three members of the international jury, Valentina Carnelutti, Marijana Brecelj and Sebastian Cavazza.

They have awarded three Golden Apples: The Grand Prix Golden Apple (for the best main role or for an outstanding acting achievement) and two Golden Apples for Special Acting Achievements (for curating a notable, distinguished and skilfully executed outstanding acting achievement).


The Grand Prix Golden Apple: an ensemble award – Birgir Dagur Bjarkason, Askell Einar Palmason, Viktor Benony Benediktsson, Snorri Rafn Frimannsson; Beautiful Beings (Beautiful Beings)

The Grand Prix Golden Apple Award is awarded to the main cast of Beautiful Beings directed by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson.

The presence of the young actors on camera is so incredibly alive it strikes the audience into the story from the first frame like a bolt of lightning and doesn't let them breathe until the end of the film. The acting of the cast is delivered in a way that every big movie star can only dream of. The talent of an acting ensemble of this kind deserves an opportunity to pursue acting studies and continue their promising careers.

Photo: Maša Pirc/Krafft Festival


The Golden Apple for Special Acting Achievements – Best Actor: Radoš Bolčina (Inventory)

A role, deconstructed down to the finest details, reflects a whole palette of emotions and moods; from childlike curiosity, doubts, fear, anger, anxiety and relief. He is in a continuous state of surprise, and slight naivete, throughout the whole film. The acting is administered just right, and done to a turn, building the strongest possible foundation for the film’s genre.

Photo: Maša Pirc/Krafft Festival


The Golden Apple for Special Acting Achievements – Best Actress: Pantea Panahiha (Hit the road)

Our best actress award goes to Pantea Panahiha for her multilayered performance that pays homage not only to mothers in families, but to all women – true pillars – in society. Pantea is gracefully able to dissimulate, yet carry within her pains and worries throughout the entire film, showing optimism and humour, maternity and straightforwardness, along with care and concern with the entire family’s unpredictable destiny. She surprises us with a breakthrough of emotion – which alone would be worth the prize – revealing both her power as an actress and as a human being, while singing her pain of loss and the necessity to carry on, revealing pure gratitude for being alive.

Photo: Maša Pirc/Krafft Festival