The purpose of the Krafft Festival is to bring an outstanding global selection of movies marked by exceptional acting achievements to the capital of the Gorenjska region, as well as talented and globally renowned actors, actresses and top-notch professionals that will share their stories, skills and experience.

The films in competition represent a slice of exceptional contemporary film production and excellence in acting, rigorously evaluated by an international jury. The Accompanying Programme is focused on knowledge exchange, and includes roundtable discussions, lectures, master classes and workshops. The focus is on student and feature films of various lengths. Informal socialising will offer additional opportunities for the exchange of various experiences, perceptions and viewpoints on the art of acting.

Krafft is the only festival in the wider region that focuses on the acting craft within the field of audiovisual creation.

“Krafft is a young, but very unique festival in this region. We focus on the significance of acting in films, both from the viewpoint of the actors themselves, as well as all the other sectors involved in film production, and we seek to build on it qualitatively. The Festival unites all of the participants in the movie industry, from the screenplay to the viewer. At its core, Krafft is a celebration of actors and of their achievements.” – Branko Završan, President of the Krafft Festival

The team

Festival President: Branko Završan
Festival Director: Maja Sever
Communications team: Zala Velkavrh, Mili Šprajc, Rok Artiček
Executive Producer: Selman Čorović
Producer: Tina Kadunc
Event producer: Rok Artiček
Technical director: Jure Grahek

Film selectors for the competition program: Miki Manojlović in Toni Cahunek
Short film selector: Matevž Jerman
Student film selector Petja Labović

Supporters and partners of the Festival

The Festival is co-produced by the Krafft Film Society and the Prešeren Theatre,

in collaboration with the Municipality of Kranj. Krafft is supported by the Slovenian Film Centre and AIPA, K.O. The Festival is partnered with the DSI (the Screen Actors Guild of Slovenia) and the Carnica Institute. The projection of the film Pero was made possible with the help of the Vertigo Production Company and the Prešeren Theatre in Kranj.

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