The purpose of KRAFFT festival is to bring outstanding global film and TV acting achievements, talented, world-renowned actors and top-notch experts to Kranj, the central town of Gorenjska, to share their stories, knowledge and experience with us.

This is the first festival focusing on the craft of acting within the audiovisual framework in the region, giving KRAFFT unique potential for international cooperation and visibility.

Festival is first and foremost a fest, a celebration; a space for reflecting upon work accomplished, for sharing expertise and opinion; an incubator for new ideas and an opportunity for socializing and bonding.

With film screenings, lectures, talks, panels, workshops and social events, KRAFFT invites both the general public and professionals to a fest of exploring and uncovering previously unknown personal, professional and social aspects of acting; of extending the limits of the known and the acceptable.

The festival is produced by the City Municipality of Kranj, the Screen Actors Guild of Slovenia (DSI), Zavod za turizem in kulturo Kranj and Zavod Carnica, along with the support from the Slovene Film Centre (SFC) and AIPA, K.O. (the organization for collective enforcement and securing of the rights of the authors, performers, and producers of audio-visual works).


Bor Rozman Director of the Municipality of Kranj
Gregor Štibernik Director of AIPA
Janez Černe Deputy Mayor of Kranj
Nataša Bučar Director of the Slovenian Film Centre
Selman Čorović Director of Carnica Institute
Maja Sever Actress
Branko Završan Actor