The central part of KRAFFT is dedicated to the competition programme, screening nine films that have been selected based on outstanding acting achievements.

Films in KRAFFT competition programme are judged by a three-member international jury which on the final day of the festival awards five special acting prizes, called Golden Apples.

KRAFFT presents the Golden Apple awards in three categories:the Grand Prix Golden Apple, three Special Acting Achievement Golden Apples and an honorary Golden Apple.

The Grand Prix Golden Apple is awarded to the best main role (regardless of gender) or an outstanding artistic achievement.

The three Golden Apples for Special Acting Achievement are awarded to actors or to an ensemble who have exhibited especially careful curation of a visible, distinguished and skilfully executed outstanding acting achievement regardless of the size of the role.

The honorary Golden Apple goes to the honorary guest of the festival – an actor whose rich and versatile opus and outstanding work and artistic achievements have visibly shaped and formed the global film and cultural stage.

The name of the prizes comes from a plant Lilium carniolicum, known also as golden apple or Carniolan lily, which grows all over Slovenia. Golden apples, which are a wonderful decoration to parts where they are found, are protected and enlisted on Slovenia’s red list of endangered plants.


The Grand Prix Golden Apple: Jasna Đuričić

The Grand Prix Golden Apple for the best main role or an outstanding artistic achievement of the first edition of the Kranj Actors Film Festival goes to Jasna Đuričić for her monumental role of the eponymous heroine in the film Quo vadis, Aida?.
From the very first shot to the last, Jasna Đuričić fills the incredibly demanding role of Aida with a precise and complex array of emotions, neverending courage and energy, and the steadfast protective maternal instinct.
Her masterful and meaningful acting are marked by a piercing voice and a sharp look that combines determination with feelings of fearfulness and subdued pain.
The role of Aida which could have quickly turned pathetic or victimized is brought to life by Đuričić with stunning boldness, and most importantly: with an unmistakable humanist drive.

The Golden Apple for Special Acting Achievement: Goran Bogdan

A Golden Apple for special acting achievements of the first edition of the Kranj Actors Film Festival goes to Goran Bogdan for his unforgettable role of Nikola in the film Father.
In the role of Nikola, Goran Bogdan embodies the perseverance of will and dignity of the little man. Nikola is a man on a mission; as we accompany him on his path, it is clear to us that he is unstoppable.
The actor delves so deeply into his character that the audience can feel the mental and physical exhaustion slowly making their way into every single cell of his being.
Gordan Bogdan’s calm face hides impetuous emotions that he keeps schooled just under the surface, making the rare eruptions feel all the more agonizing.

The Golden Apple for Special Acting Achievement: Franz Rogowski

A Golden Apple for special acting achievements of the first edition of the Kranj Actors Film Festival goes to Franz Rogowski for his charming role of Christoph in the film Undine.
In the body and creation of Franz Rogowski, Christoph, a dreamy commercial diver who falls in love with a deceived lake nymph, is an embodiment of sparkling gentleness and sensual sensibility; of a je ne sais quoi that brings a different and more than welcome interpretation of masculinity to the screen.
Rogowski builds his slightly unusual and multilayered character with subtleness, a vulnerable physical presence and a light, intuitive mix of emotions. The actor seems to (just like the character he portrays) possess a sixth sense for recognizing the finest of nuances that lend the film a touch of magic.

The Golden Apple for Special Acting Achievement: Nada Šargin

A Golden Apple for special acting achievements of the first edition of the Kranj Actors Film Festival goes to Nada Šargin for the harrowing role of Biljana in the film Father.
In a single scene, Nada Šargin manages to shake the audience to their bones as Nikola’s devastated wife Biljana.
Her brutal depiction of capitulation and powerlessness is emotively so strong that the horrific image of her self-immolation sticks in our consciousness from the beginning to the end of the film.
Due to Nada Šargin’s miniature acting bravura, the audience gets confronted with the hopelessness of the situation depicted in the film from the very first minute.

The honorary Golden Apple: Dragan Bjelogrlić

Photo Maša Pirc

This year’s winner of the Golden Apple of Honor for his rich and diverse acting opus and top artistic contribution in the audiovisual field is actor, screenwriter, producer and director Dragan Bjelogrlić.
Dragan Bjelogrlić has marked the international film space with his acting excellence, and he is also extremely successful in other areas of the audiovisual sector. As one of the leading Serbian actors and artists, he is credited with the growth and development of the international audiovisual sector.